Happy Holidays!!!

This is definitely my last post for the year 2017 and I thought to do a late post for this year therefore rounding it up. Personally, it has been an amazing year. I would not want to regret any step I took this year because it has shaped me one way or the other. I had to step out of my comfort zone but every decision was worth it.

I would like to share some important lessons that elevated me. As a writer, criticisms are inevitable and your work won’t just be good enough for some people but it is always better not to get angry at these people who criticizes your work, but rather take a thorough look at their criticism and make it a constructive one. When I published one of my posts few weeks ago, on a particular medium, I got lashed out for my style of writing. Now, I  could decide to write in a formal way but I figured out that I want to engage with my audience a little bit more. Now, the bright side is, after the numerous criticisms, I got a message from an individual who actually saw my post , looked beyond the criticisms and offered me a deal. All I’m saying is, there is a link between passion and purpose and once you balance these two, opinions would not matter too much because you absolutely know why you are here.

Secondly, It would shock you that different people would want to bring you down during your journey but I eventually figured out that God created this to be so. Pursuing your goals could sometimes be lonely and boring but with the help of these people, then you get to choose the right decisions, bad ones sometimes and then you eventually get it right. However, never let anybody knock you down. Trust yourself more because if you don’t, then you are in for a rocky start.

Similarly, it is always said that those who have been through most challenges in life, have the most stories to tell. I have listened to numerous life changing stories and it has inspired me. Therefore, do not be scared to share your story. Rather than let people bully you with their timeline of success, focus on the lesson.

Most importantly, you are a shining star. Therefore FIT IN TO STAND OUT.

Above all, I’m grateful for this opportunity to inspire you. Initially, I had no idea that my blog inspires people in a way but then, I do get messages telling me not to stop writing. My readers are awesome. You are awesome. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope to do more in the coming year. Lets take over 2018 explosively!!!

What are your lessons this year and what are you grateful for? Please use the contact form or leave a comment below. See you all next year.


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