This is another new segment on the blog and here is what I want to discuss today. Before I do that, I would make it an effort to be very consistent by bringing you a #candidtalk post every Thursday. Today, I will be talking about being INTENTIONAL.

Before now, I have heard of the word INTENTIONAL but I did not know the metaphorical meaning. Now that I do, I know that this word carry so much meaning and it tackles most of our existence in life. To be INTENTIONAL is to be purposeful, deliberate, purposive and voluntary. When you are positive about a particular thing, that means you are being intentional. However, I also figured out that being intentional could also dwell in the negative way but today, lets talk about being intentional in a positive way.


To be intentional is a choice and when you decide to make this choice, then you are on the right path. In my everyday life, I always try to be deliberate about my day and every ordeal that comes with it. I am not perfect, sometimes I make mistakes even with the intention of being conscious but most times, I succeed. Let me tell you how to be intentional.

Living a thoughtful and meaningful life stems from the fact that you choose to be purposive about your life. Knowing that life can be full of thorns and roses at the same time is another reason for you to choose the intentional life. Your life revolves around everything you do- your relationship, work, daily interaction with people, and this might come off as easy but when you are deliberately optimized, it will be more easier.

Recently, I was on Twitter and I came across a tweet which says “I need a mentor to speak with, please help”. Initially, I did not see any reason to reach out to the individual because of course I do not consider myself a mentor but on the other hand, I want to genuinely know this individual and get to know her story. So I reached out. I was fulfilled when I got to know her story and it is more fulfilling because I was deliberately intentional about why I reached out in the first place.


What I am saying is, you have to be deliberate about your daily life and the choices you make. Being intentional means you have to be truthful to yourself and your choices. You have to make an effort to genuinely know people, form relationships, help people or start your day based on the choices you made.


Firstly, the best way to understand the word is to have the knowledge “that everyday is a thread that weaves the fabric of our lives, with each thread having a function of its own”. When you know this, then you will have an option to be deliberate about everything you do.

The importance of being intentional is knowing that you either “live life by default or you live life by intention”. This explains the fact that being intentional means knowing why you do what you do and why you choose to do what you did not do.


Being INTENTIONAL is taking a step back and evaluating what you have done and what you are doing. It is normal to make mistakes but correcting your mistakes and learning from it is you being purposeful.

Being INTENTIONAL is doing the things that are important to you, with you knowing that it is not easy but you still do it anyway. That, is called being purposeful and deliberate.

Stop worrying about the next person and their life but live in your own moment.

Genuinely get to know people and what they stand for, be deliberate about the choices you make, see life as an optimizer and you will be living a DELIBERATE life. I have chosen this path and I do not expect people to understand how I am this person I am, but in as much as I am genuinely true to myself and the people around me, then I am living a purposeful life.


What do you stand for and are you living an INTENTIONAL life? If not, why not start today. leave me a comment below, I love receiving them.

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