Have you ever wondered why there are certain road signs that guide you in reaching your destination and you say a little prayer just because you really do appreciate the reason why there are road signs? Well if you have not, you might as well start appreciating things like that.

Milestones are installed to provide reference points along the road for re-assurance to travelers so that the proper path will be followed. It could also indicate either the distance traveled or the remaining distance to a destination.

As humans, we definitely do have milestones in our lives. Some could be large while some are small but either way, all milestones are significant. It is therefore very crucial for individuals to intentionally check their milestones and maybe count them to see how progressful their life has been. However, a MILESTONE is less of dates and more of meaning. It is not entirely wrong to note down the date of a significant incident but much emphasis should be placed on the value of the incident in your life.

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Metaphorically, a MILESTONE is a significant event in your life. Have you ever checked your achievements and you figured out that there is nothing like “greatest achievement “ because the more you overcome, the more you yearn for success? As individuals, it has been checked that we would have unlimited milestones that would guide us in the course of our journey. I used the word journey because as humans, success is the best revenge for life and for you to have this, you embark on a journey and not necessarily knowing your destination.

It is often said that the quickest road to failure is the one without turnings, milestones or road signs. Therefore, with milestones, we would finally own our unique point of view and eventually realise how far we have traveled.

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Hence, every milestone checked is a reminder that you are either on the right or wrong path. Every milestone valued is a reminder that your journey is getting closer. Every milestone deliberated is an evidence to the fact that you are seeing your visions and not only writing your dreams.

Therefore, with milestones, you can create the life you want.

Have you checked your milestones recently? Do you value them? If not, why not start today.

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