I hope you all had an amazing 2017 and hope you also make the best out of 2018. For every year that comes, people always try to make different new year goals and resolutions which I must say is very inspiring. Now,the question is do they actually follow or adhere to those resolutions. However, following your passion could be quite difficult.

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One of the ultimate goals in life is following your dreams and perhaps make money from it. I must say that making money is absolute important so does following your dreams. Now, combining both is actually the best but in most cases, it is not as easy as it sounds. Most individuals might find it difficult to make money from their passion while some have it served on a platter of gold for them.

I recently conducted a search and discovered that 70% of employed individuals do not enjoy their jobs, they just go to work just because they want to make money and earn a living, not because they actually find fulfillment in it.


The first attribute I learned about money is that it gives you choices. People agitate and strive to be rich because it gives them the ability to choose and the richer you are, the more choices you have. So, in other to be able to make choices, then you have to be rich at least, in the colloquial sense. Then due to this, people take the next available job because they do not have a choice, leaving behind their passion, career in this case.

However, it will be interesting to know that the words “job” and ” career” have very much in common. Before now, I used to think that a job refers to the work an individual does regularly in order to earn money for a particular time while career is a profession an individual does for a very long time. In as much as this definition is very correct, I figured out that you can actually turn a job into a career.

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It is very easy to turn a job into a career if your short term goal is not to get money but to learn and perfect your skills and gain experiences. But a particular individual once countered this notion saying, what if you don’t find happiness or fulfillment in that job then how can you turn it into a career? And I answered “This is where you draw the line. Look for a job you are happy/passionate about and turn it into a career regardless of if you are not making so much money from it immediately because in the long run, it will eventually yield”

Besides that, for you to turn your passion into a career then you should resonate yourself with something/jobs that you are good at, jobs that helps others. Ironically, you can have a good paying job but if there is still this feeling of emptiness within you, this means that in as much as money is important, it might also make you less happier. Therefore, a job that is engaging with the sole mission to helping others would lead you to your career and following your passion. Hence, you owe it to yourself to find a fulfilling career.

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Hence, each job you get leads you to your career path because it significantly signifies a climbing ladder which gets you up to fulfilling your passion. Therefore, all jobs require your best showmanship. Above all, your goal should be you growing into a product of responsibility. Work to become, not to acquire.

Most importantly, it is pertinent to know that following your passion through a career may not always be inspiring but you also need to know that something inspiring can come out of your passion. I talked about following your passion in generalĀ here

The world is not about struggling but knowing that it is the entrance of your passion that gives way to light. Why not lighten that world of yours today!

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