I have had this article in my draft for a while now  but I could not just find the courage to publish it because I thought I was unworthy to ,you know, speak on life changing issues or topics like this particular one. I took a thorough check at my life and my whole existence and I asked myself a question, are you really in a position to be a “life coach”, and what have you even achieved in a your life? But, damn it, I would still write and write, as long as it gets to my targeted audience and they tune into what I am at least trying to pass across to them.

My blog is somewhat about sharing my personal life and experiences in order to encourage someone out there, not to ever give up. Before now,I was not sure what I wanted … I was sure of which career path I wanted but I wasn’t sure about it. Sounds confusing right? Yeah, I was unsure due to FEAR.  I love writing and getting my articles published but, what if people criticize it, what if it is not good enough, or what it people do not get to read it at all. So I stopped. I have over 50 unpublished articles I had written but never got the courage to send it out ,for the world to read it. That’s FEAR, and this is what it does to your mind.

Overcome any DOUBT today.

I have read so many essays, books and articles about FEAR but the one that changed my life recently, and completely is a book called THE POWER OF NOW by ECKHART TOLLE. This book is a complete package. It talks about almost anything to everything. To be honest, I would recommend this book any day to somebody that is ready to find direction in life. You have every right to have a beautiful life. You can make your fantasy a reality if you are ready to do whatever it takes.

I recommend this book for YOU.

Though there are some steps you need to take in order to achieve this.

Try to find your purpose in life: I know this sentence sounds cliche a lot and you have probably heard/read this a million times, but it is the absolute truth. I did it and it worked for me. Your purpose is your INTENT. Therefore, be your INTENT and you will never miss it. Discover yourself or you will depend on people’s opinion.


Pursue your dreams: I have this sentence, written boldly and pasted on my shelf so that anytime I look at the mirror, I see it and it serves as a reminder. Your dream is what you want to become, therefore it must be accompanied with your passion. Search thoroughly for something you love doing and defy all the odd means to get to the top. It will worth it.


Stay focused: Now, there are two ways to this. Just like the rays, light, heat or sound, they meet to either converge or diverge, and not both at the same time. Therefore, this also is applicable to man, you either LOSE FOCUS or GAIN CONCENTRATION. You can be successful but your life might lack focus just because you are not concentrating on your own Life; rather you are checking out others who you think are successful than you. A particular lesson I learned from the book is, “the only reason you lose focus is because you are unsure of God’s vision about your existence”.


Never let anyone knock you down: Once you do this, it means you won’t be bothered about any negative opinion because you are headed to your destination. The only precaution you have to take is, adjusting and checking the “rear view mirror” because it gives you a true picture of anything behind you. The “rear view mirror” explains the sentence “looking back to adjust your future”.I have made use of these steps and I’m getting the best future view EVER.

Make a CHOICE today.


As popularly said, life is not measured by the breath you take, but what takes your breath away. Live for the moment and you will have the beautiful life you have ever imagined. Welcome to Eternity!

PS: I received some comments and I must say that I’m fulfilled. Your comments brought tears to my eyes and it left me with a feeling and assurance that I’m on the right path. Thank you and I hope my posts inspire you, continually.I would appreciate it if the comments and feedback continues. So, leave a comment after reading.

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