This post, LETS TAKE THE ALTERNATIVE ROAD NO ONE OFFERED US, is mused by a personal experience.

I stumbled on a post while I was in college and it changed my life completely. This article focuses on key word alternative road. Often time, I read just to escape a particularly harsh situation, but on this day, I read because I was challenged. Lets dive in.

I visited a very close friend of mine and I was so elated to share some of my writings with her. I started out with writing of short quotes, and I was very keen on showing them off. My friend took a look at it and she was not convinced I was the one that wrote it as she said I had gone to copy from somewhere. I was disappointed, because she did not believe in me. I therefore challenged myself to keep writing irrespective of what people think.

Create your sunshine.

Hence,there are so many lessons I learned from that particular incident that has helped shaped my life for the best. I learned to pay attention to details, not to follow the majority but to take the alternative road. The alternative road, if you do not know has little or no personal journey, therefore it gives you a chance to create yours. The alternative road does have a road map that gives you a rough sketch of a plan to guide you towards your goal. I also know that the alternative road is never full of road hogs, therefore you would experience less of people who tries to block your way.

Take the alternative road;the one mostly not taken.

Above all,this road is special, because though, it may not be popular,or beautiful or designed with different flowers but it sure puts out any form of traffic and of course brings you to your destination faster than expected. The alternative road is not usual and traditional as it could be lonely, so expect to see less people on your way. It also has a functionality of existing outside of the established standard, so just like the Boys Scout slogan, be prepared for the strange but productive. There is a ‘fork’ in every individual’s road, for deciding a moment in life when a major choice of options is required. Therefore, if you have experienced this dilemma before, let me tell you this, TAKE THE ALTERNATIVE ROAD

Your instinct is your focal point, never lose it.


I would rather take the alternative road than “crossing the Rubicon”. I can guarantee you that focus, purpose and fulfillment will be your companion. Therefore, trust in your journey and never lose your sight. Take and own your moment like it is your last. This road has also taught me that, people won’t believe you to arrive at your destination, and its okay not to convince them, but rather show them you will arrive, regardless. Do not forget that your alternative road could be in plural form, that is, ‘road’ could change to ‘roads’ , so don’t be scared.Build your fear and take the front.

If you are waiting for the crumbs, then you will wait for life. Welcome to your focal point.

I am on a journey and I have decided to take one of my alternative roads. Writing and sharing personal experiences is one.

Have you decided to take an alternative road today? If yes, share with me.

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  1. This is the fact of life and I really like this part “The alternative road is not usual and traditional as it could be lonely, so expect to see less people on your way”. The earlier anyone realize this in life, the better. I’m thankful for my life today because I choosed “The Alternative Road”

    Thank you for this write up!

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