I grew up having the mindset that I can not make a decision without a validation from another individual and this mindset has cost me a lot in life. However, I’m glad I was able to rectify it. Subsequently, I have heard stories from friends, merged them with mine and I figured out that without a firm foundation or knowledge about life, we might be victims of circumstance.

I was not sure of how the world would receive me when I chose to be an inspirational blogger. I was scared of the outcome rather than the in-built characteristics I possess. It is actually okay to be scared of how people would receive you but when you are scared of yourself, then there is a problem. I grew up as someone who needed people’s opinion or validation before I can forge ahead but I never doubted myself. I just needed an approval and when I don’t get it, I get stuck. This is one of the greatest mistakes you could make as an individual. However, life happened and I realized that you don’t need anybody’s validation to forge ahead in life, just go with your gut and If you make a mistake the first time, it becomes a lesson.

It is surprising to see individuals set goals and not be able to reach them. Most times, the goals are right in place but we can’t just get hold of them due to some mistakes we make. Setting a goal is very easy but reaching at least one could be very difficult. It is pertinent to note that the greatest damage you can ever do to yourself is not trusting yourself. Therefore, when this happens, then you are in for a rocky start. Sometimes, winning isn’t enough but wanting to win is everything. Hence, be courageous and fierce.

Similarly, be aware that in your journey through life, people would throw cold water on through pessimism or indifference and you will be discouraged. However, the flip side is, never let it be the reason for you giving up. Authenticity is very important and when you have this quality, it would not matter how you started but when you finished would be the actual goal. Remember winners don’t make excuses when others choose to play the game, so be ready for what the journey brings.

Regardless of every outcome, remember to break the norm because sometimes, it is not what you achieve but what you overcome.

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