MAY THE BRIDGES I BURN LIGHT UP MY WAY.

This post is for a friend who told me about her experience a while ago. I really dived into her emotions because I have been there and I could feel every nerve of her emotions. I decided to write an article about it someday but I forgot, not until I had a sour experience with a friend recently, and it reminded me of this.

“I have been burned and still burning because I made a bad decision. I only figured out that I’m different. Different   because i’m loyal to a fault to people that are important to me, regardless of if we are still in good terms or not. Once you are my “friend”, you will forever be, but it isn’t exactly the same with the other people involved. They cut me off so easily and forget the good times we shared, while my “stupid” self still hold on to the memory.”

“Forever is a lie. I have checked the dictionary so many times for the meaning of this word, but the meaning does not match with the application of the word as used by these people. He said to me “you are my forever”. Forever does not last. Forever is a lie. It was indeed an heck of a ride, like he said, because it was full of drama. We went through a lot, some good, some bad. Yes it was indeed a heck of a ride”

“You are quite the dime, he said. Well, if i was, why would you want to lose a dime. You are my favorite star. You are the very best. I decided I wanted no one else. I love “all of you”.This year was definitely better with you, now and forever. Well, I guess he should have chosen his words carefully because, obviously he forgot he said all these so soon.”

“But things never play out the way we want it to. This was the excuse. Of course i understand.”

These words ,I got from my friend and probably a bit of mine too.

I experienced something recently that would forever make me who I did not want to be. I want to turn the table around and burn some bridges that are built over a depression or obstacle. It is usually advised not to burn bridges right, but I would. For those who do not understand this, the expression,” Never burn a bridge”, according to, it means that you end a certain relationship in such a way that you could never go back and restart the relationship again. So if we go with this definition, then what is wrong in burning some bridges.

For every rule, there is an exception. Some toxic bridges needs to be burned. I mean, you light the damn bridge with your “bitchiest face” and say ” Yo, whats good world”, in Nicki Minaj’s voice maybe.  Some relationships are toxic to your health, for real , that it brings you down in every way and you even lose concentration and most especially focus, and you are even at most times trying to please the other person and you lose your self worth in the process. Personally, I have been down this road before and probably still is, and now reminiscing on the sacrifices I had to give, I feel stupid now. When mine happened, trust me, I was broken. It left me not believing in anyone, but being me, I still formed another that ended the same way. Mine was a loophole. I guess that is a story for another day.

I told this particular friend of mine to completely find people that resonate on her frequency without trying too hard. Burning a bridge is the healthiest clean up you can ever do. So for you to be a fountain and not a complete drain, burn that bridge. One of the courageous step you will ever make is to let go of unhealthy relationships. Therefore, not everyone you lose is a loss.

I did not want to be a complete turn off to my friend and i said, ” why not try to make things work out one more time, maybe you can still bring back old flames you know, and correct the past”. She replied me with the most intelligent reply ever, ” You can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions”.

I still cannot fathom why some people can be so unchanging towards the people you claim to ‘love’. Everyone deserves to be treated in a genuine and true way.

So I learned that sometimes, you get the best light from burning a bridge. This means, when you let go of that toxic relationship, you get to focus more on things that matter, set your priorities right and you will never make the mistake you made, not anymore.

Why not just turn around, give a giggle, light/throw the match and burn the damn bridge, behind you.! May the bridges you burn illuminate, glow and gleam your way for the future.

I would like you to share your experience with me, what bridge you need to burn and what you think about this article. Drop your comments below.

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P.S- Tee, this post is for you first, and every other individual who needs to burn a particular bridge today.

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