Misleading Timeline. Be cautious but focused.

I was at an event recently and I sat with a young beautiful lady who appeared highly intelligent and purpose-driven. We had a conversation and I asked her about what she does, I just wanted to know her deliberately. We had a good conversation and she came across as someone I would be friends with. She told me about her successes and how she achieved all that. I was so convinced I have a friend in her.

Not too long after the conversation, she received a phone call and the next occurrence shook me. This young lady lied about where she was, what she was eating and everything else. Then it occurred to me that she could have also lied about everything she told me. This is absolutely an example of what is happening between friends and colleagues. People just love showing off what they do not possess or are not capable of.

Hence, many young people are being lied to and their clarity is taken. Why do you have to lie just to be relevant? Why do you have to get close to the sun just to see better hence forgetting that your dreams might just melt away? Why have you forgotten that even the brightest star burn out the fastest.


In contrast, people with a vision would stay true to themselves regardless of timelines. I have figured out that success does not even use a timeline, rather it works with signals. Success does not even send signals of its pending arrival, all you just have to do is to be true to yourself.

Dear people, do not let others bully you with their timeline of success. These timelines might just be fake and non-existence. Do not look sideways, rather move forward. Socia media has also contributed to this issue of misleading timeline.


The perks of being a success could be amazingly overwhelming but don’t let the timeline of other people encourage you to be what you are not.

To those who mislead people with their fake timeline and achievements, I hope you also stay true to yourself and repent. Repent!!

How do you know people who mislead others with their timeline? Let me tell you! So when you ask questions or confront them about a particular achievement they claim to have, they get defensive and they get angry for no reason as to why you are questioning them. Also, they tend to lie a lot because their statements won’t be coherent.

Above all, be assured that what you see is always different from what it is. Also, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be inspired by success, but be sure it is real. Be careful of what you call “goals”.

Do not live life by the frequency of others. It might just be too fast for you.


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  1. So true. One should not be carried away with the success of other people, hence we miss our own timeline of success. We should also remember that God’s time is the best. Don’t hasten your success,no matter what.

    Lovely article. Keep it up dear.

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