Happy New Year!

This year started on the very low for me without any particular reason. I was not depressed but also not excited. I was not in pain but pain was not far from me. So I decided that I could do something about it and I did. I talked to someone about it.

One attribute I like about myself is that I try to be honest with myself. So during this low moments, I didn’t try to encourage or inspire anybody, or maybe by post inspiring words on my blog, because if I did, then I would be lying to myself and ultimately my followers so I just decided to stay out of it and it helped. Being honest with your feelings and people around you is a great attribute everyone should have.

However, understanding that we are not beyond redemption is something I found out during this low moment and I held on to it. Most times, whenever a particular difficult situation happen to an individual, they tend to find a way out and this comes with a choice. It could be a good or bad choice. Irrespective of the choice we make, the ultimate goal is to rectify and redeem ourselves out of this particular low moment.

I have been watching a documentary on Netflix called Lock Up recently, which chronologically presents the life of inmates at the Santa Rose Correctional Institute in Florida. A lot of the inmates are serving life imprisonment or 30years but one life changing lesson I learned is that these inmates are still optimistic about life. They have changed for the best, they read their bibles and exhibit a good behavioral pattern and it occurred to me that whatever the situation might be, we are not beyond redemption.

In contrast, Life has not been very good to some individuals but it has also helped them realize that you cannot know the strength of your faith until it has been tested. It is also amazingly weird that to find light, you must pass through some atom of darkness and by darkness, I mean in most cases complete blackout. This is synonymous to when PHCN withdraws power in the midst of you watching an interesting suspense filled movie like Game of Thrones and you are left wondering what would happen next, or you looking for a way to restore electricity but while all these are happening, you are distraught.

Photo Credit: Typorama

One of the few statements I live by every day is “how can you find a way if you don’t choose a path.” Life has so many paths to follow other than the mostly known wide and narrow paths. But the ability to choose a path would lead you to your desired destination. All I’m saying is that, irrespective of the path you choose either good or bad, we are all not beyond redemption. Your life can still find that purpose you have been looking for and it will take you places. Just hang in there.

There is a solution to every situation and even though flowers do not bloom without a little rain, the sun still comes after the rain to make it shine. Therefore, everything has its purpose, even pain. Do not limit yourself because of a particular situation, see beneath the surface and you will see that your situation can still be redeemed.

Allow me to be a little bit religious for a moment. I have realized that there is absolutely nothing scattered that God cannot gather and I find this statement absolutely true, if only you won’t give up on yourself. There is strength in your vulnerability and if life puts you in a bracket, then return with an ellipsis.

Ultimately, know that life would force you to pick a side, but regardless, know that YOU ARE NOT BEYOND REDEMPTION.


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