Of Struggle and Survival; Forces and Determinants.

Growing up, my parents taught me how to be contented, upright and be decent in a way. Every sense of belonging I had/have was to some extent attributed to my parents. I wanted to please them so much that I began doing most things through their eyes and I forgot, or they made me forget one important thing, that I have to struggle in order to survive, how important …


Also, I wanted to be a newscaster when I was young, I told my parents, and they also saw that potential in me and it took me a while to know that I have to work my way through it all in order to get to the peak. I also forgot that they are thousands of people who also want to be like I want to become, but the difference between us is that, they are struggling to survive through it but I, on the other hand was waiting for a miracle to happen.

I have noticed also that in the group of the survivals, there are a lot of people struggling to find their own place and niche,to find your own personality in this world is also as important as having a dream. I mean, dreams are free; everyone has them but you need a pushing force that enables you to fly high and say ”yo, man, I got this”.

I experienced so many struggles while growing up and to some extent, really affected my ability to communicate with people on different occasions. I struggled with communication as I was always scared to voice out my opinions even in the midst of my friends. But, there was a saving grace, I am/was smart. So, my friends would come looking for me for my opinion or contribution on a certain subject. Now, I would not say I still am not scared anymore, but I have learned to embrace my weakness and instead, focus on my strength, which is finding purpose even in the face of our struggles.

I look at the lives of successful individual across the world and I realized that 80% of them did not have it on a platter of gold. They have suffered one way or the other, but what they did is that, they kept pushing. However, the pushing factors could be different, as different factors motivates us to the realization of our dreams. Also, it is okay to have numerous dreams as long as it is valid. Therefore, every dream must be valid. In order to achieve your dreams, you must take into consideration some important forces, which should be your guide everyday(hopefully in my next post, would talk about those important forces). The fact that you have failed many times does not mean you cannot or would not succeed challenges high and so long like the highways. Drive towards your destination.

The world would only associate with you when/If you are already a winner, so you don’t want to wait for anyone to give you a go ahead or blow the whistle before you start you race. Life is the field, take the race and be a winner!

I hope you are excited about your journey.

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