This is my very first post on stock taking and I’m a bit skeptical about it. I’m not sure of what I will be writing but I’m certain that it is the absolute truth. One thing I’m proud of, about myself is that, I try as much as possible to be honest with myself and everyone I have a relationship with.

On Reflection: This year is one I would never forget so soon. It definitely brought both tears and joy. This year, I took a very big decision which is in form of a sacrifice. I was unsure about it last year but I decided to just go for it, irrespective of what comes out of it. I’m glad that everything is working out fine.

Also, I lost hold of a particular friendship that I held with so much esteem. That is all I can say about this.

But I took charge of my life for the very first time, went for what I have been dreaming of , but fear won’t let me go for it. I bought a domain and started blogging/writing. I’m so ¬†excited about this journey. You may probably not understand me but I understand myself. The messages I have been receiving have been mind blowing. One day, I woke up in the middle of the night, opened my personal computer, checked my feedback and a particular message had me bawling. I’m happy that a particular post I shared here helped someone out of a particular addiction.


Elated About: I’m excited about the rest of my life. I’m in such a happy place. I’m also excited about the different collaborations that is about to hit me. I will be writing articles for some brands soon and it will be published. I will definitely let you know. Also, I will be publishing some guest posts, where people get to share their personal experiences. If you want to share yours, you can use the contact form to reach me.

Currently Reading: I’m such a lover of books. I’m currently reading Trevor Noah‘s Born A Crime. This is the best book I have read, ever. It is all shades of awesome. Actually, I’m done reading it but I took it again to read. I will be doing a review of it in my next post.


Determined To: Keep writing and writing. Consistency is key. I will never give up.

Learning: I’m a bit dumb when it comes to graphics and the technology world. After I bought my domain, I had to set it all up myself. I googled and googled about what I need to know about blogging. I’m still learning.

Note Worthy lessons this month: Do it Afraid. Go for that dream of yours. Let go of whatever that is making you unhappy. Drop that job for your career. Drink water and be hydrated.

Knowing/Understanding: That to have someone understand your mind, is a different kind of intimacy. Therefore, if you have such person in your life, don’t let go.

Life Lately: I’m living and learning. I have been a bit emotional lately. I’m exploring my new location as I traveled out of my country for a bit.

Your Journey is a narrative, with every moment playing its part. Therefore, look ahead, instead of beside.

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