Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime highlights the importance of never letting go, never quitting and taking charge of your life regardless of any difficulty.

Before I got this book, I really had no idea who Trevor Noah was except that he is a comedian. As a lover of books, I went to the bookshop few weeks back and I saw this beautiful book with an amazing visuals and I picked it, not knowing it would change my perception towards life completely and become one of the absolute best I have ever read.

Let me run you through what the book is all about, the highlights and the climax.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The book, Born A Crime is written by Trevor Noah. It is an Autobiography. An Autobiography is an historical account of a person’s life written by that person. Therefore, an Autobiography is a true life story. It recounts childhood experiences and life experiences. It is usually based entirely on the writer’s memory. The book talks about the author’s life in his country , South Africa. Sometimes, names and locations are often changed and recreated in autobiographies for personal reasons but I noticed that all information regarding the locations in this book are accurate. I’m sure of this because I’m quite familiar with South Africa and the names of places mentioned are names I have heard of or been to.

Also, there is a protagonist, which of course is the author, Trevor Noah, and a  central plot line that mirrors the experience of the author. The events relayed in this novel are chronological in nature (i.e orderly or sequential). The author also uses flashbacks to bring the reader into his past experience. Also, the author made use of a “first person narrative technique” with the use of personal pronouns like “I” and “MY”.

The author also paid close attention to details such as places where he lived, important people in his life and life changing experiences, circumstances surrounding his birth, childhood experiences and his educational background. Autobiographies are often about people who have achieved some level of success but it would interest you to know that this book talks about how his country shaped his childhood and maybe his entire life.

THE PLOT: The book talks about apartheid and its effect in South Africa and its citizens. Trevor Noah was born in South Africa to black woman and a white father and so he was raised in a mixed family. However, during apartheid, one of the worst crimes you could commit was to have sexual commitments with a person of another race. So basically, his parents committed a crime and they had to live with it, literally forever. After his birth, Trevor had to live with the dysfunctional society and he figured out a way to overcome challenges he faced due to the fact that he was born out of a crime, hence the caption/title of the book.




ON DREAMS AND OPPORTUNITY                                                                                                                                                            This book dwells on the fact that nothing stops you. You are absolutely the full stop, comma and pause of your life. The book assures you of the fact that you can be whoever you want to and everything will be yours. Despite the challenges the author faced, discrimination and all of that, he was positive about life. He did several jobs just to earn a living despite the fact that he was of a mixed race. Also, the author dwells on the fact yes, dreams are free, but opportunities are limited. So, if you want to help an individual make their dream come true, you should also provide them an opportunity so that they can at least start from somewhere.  Knowledge without resources or empowerment won’t lead to anywhere . Also, it is stated that your dreams could be limited due to your upbringing or your society as a result of your limited imagination, but do not let your society or its standards define and limit you. Fight for your future. I talked about this here.

TRANSFORM YOUR SOCIETY                                                                                                                                                                        Another interesting lesson in this book is never to leave your society without leaving a positive mark. Most times, we are stereotyped to leave the ghetto instead of transforming the ghetto and making it a better place for the younger generations. Instead of leaving  that your small society, why not be the agent of change so that you will be remembered for changing the standards to a more preferable one.

LEARN FROM YOUR PAST                                                                                                                                                                             This sounds cliche but it is the truth. Regardless of your difficult situation, turn it into humor and that was what the author did. I laughed throughout while reading this book and it depicts an irony even in the world we live in. You have to find a way out of every situation and laugh through it. Remember the situation that caused the trauma but don’t hold on to it,and do not let it prevent you from trying something new. Life would definitely force you to choose a side but you have to be wise about it.

BE READY FOR LIFE                                                                                                                                                                                      This is my favorite lesson. I think it is a great formula for everybody. Trevor talks about the fact that yes, circumstances can pull you apart but you have to be ready to tackle it with your very last breath. The world would only associate with you if and when you are successful, so you have to be successful indeed. Success gives you choices and the ability to choose. “The richer you are, the more choices you have”. Therefore once you are successful, do not mess with the formula. You can also read more here . The book also talks about not regretting your mistakes, but rather learn from it, take a chance today and don’t be afraid to try new thing because that might just be your starting point to success. Also, remember to check your milestones.


Ultimately,this book is the absolute best of everything. I call it book and not a novel because I would not want to limit it due to the fact that it is very powerful. This book transcends from experience down to knowledge. It talked about situation an individual might be going through with lessons and solutions attached to it. Trevor allowed the reader to see through him. He also talked about his hero, his mum, who helped him become who he is today because of her courage and relentless efforts.

There are so many important lessons I may have left out , and that is why I’m recommending this book to everyone. If you have read the book, then I would love to know your opinion. Please don’t forget to share this post too, maybe Trevor Noah can get to read it.

Thank you.

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