I’m so pumped and excited to finally start my blog, UPFRONT BY LR. I chose the word UPFRONT because it defines who I really am. Growing up, I had so much low self confidence and I thought I needed validation in all of my ordeals. However, I was convinced I would never give up or compromise.

Upfront, the main word in my domain name, represents my advancement, leadership,honesty, authenticity and firmness.  To achieve your purpose and the intent of your creation, you must exhibit these forces at least to the minimal.

I have therefore learned so much about direction and purpose and I intend sharing my knowledge. I

want this blog to help young individuals and my goal is to achieve this. I would also be bringing you different articles as well as hacks. I’m excited about this journey and i hope i bring you the very best.

Therefore, I would like you to drop a comment on every post so as to get your opinions and contributions.

LOVE ALWAYS,                                                                                                                                                      LR.

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